Don’t Give Up Your Job Search Over Christmas

Don’t Give Up Your Job Search Over Christmas:

The Festive Season Is Upon Us But That Does Not Mean You Should Give Up Your Job Search… In Fact Now Could Be The Perfect Time!!!

December comes and Christmas is on everyone’s mind, but it can start being a pretty low time for a someone who is looking for a new job. However, it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom, now could be the perfect time to dust off the CV and go for that dream position.

So many of us get into the attitude of “It’s nearly Christmas” or “I will wait until the New Year” when in fact that could be the worst thing to do. Don’t get trapped thinking that everyone has finished for the year, that doesn’t happen any more and these days you are more likely to find a well organised company already planning for the year ahead.


Below are some reasons why you should keep at it:

1. Being organised is key:

A lot of companies will be looking to the coming year and where they need to recruit, you could be jumping the potential influx of “New Year, New Job” candidates by being organised and ready with your approach.

Come January you will find the candidate market swell, many people will decide over the festive season that they want to move jobs or change career and it is time to get their cv out there. The influx of candidates could see you miss that role you have been teetering with applying for.

By being ahead of the game and proactive during December you are already one step ahead of the competition! Yes Recruitment does tend to slow down or reduce during December but so does the number of people looking for a job. Use the fact that there are less people looking to your advantage, don’t be put off and get that cv out there!

2. Temping Opportunities:

We all know that come December every shop, factory, Farm, Pub and restaurant seem to have a sign up looking for casual staff to cover the increased work load over Christmas. Use this to your advantage.. Not only will this bring you some extra money over Christmas but it can also be a massive confidence boost being back in the work place.

If it is a role you enjoy there may be the option for a longer contract, however if not you can continue to apply for roles whilst working on a temporary basis.

3. Recruitment Budgets:

Most companies have an annual recruitment budget, you may find that the company or role you are applying for haven’t used theirs and that your application has fallen on the managers desk just at the right time.

A lot of budgets run from January to December, sometimes this department or company budget is there to be used and not to be rolled over. This again can be of advantage to you.

4.Timing can be Everything:

A December application can show real enthusiasm for the position, it shows that you are keen on the role and not likely to put things off for another day. You may even find a recruiter has a bit more time on their hands and buys into your approach.

With a reduced work load a recruiter is likely to invest this time into any strong candidates they can present to clients, you may find this works to your advantage with doors opening that may not off during a busy January period.

It is well known that a recruiter works on fee’s or commission, during a quiet month this can drop and may mean they go above an beyond to help in your search for a job.

5.Its The Season to Be Jolly:

It’s well known everyone has a bit more of a spring in their step around Christmas, maybe its the joy in the air or the thought of this years Xmas party, either way use it to your advantage.


To Summarise:

December isnt all Roast Turkey and Tinsel, it could actually be the best time to get your self into a new position.

Don’t get stuck in the trap of the working year being finished, get ahead of the game with a little bit of proactivity and you could be beating them January blues.

Remember above all else, enjoy Christmas… I hope you have found this useful and some of the above can help you in your search for employment.


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